We help companies develop processes and procedures to

make work less work.

Crosslinear is your local business advisor. Here's what that means to us:

We're not going to barge in and tell you it's our way or the highway. Our business evaluation process allows us to get a good understanding of the current situation, including the good and the bad.

Because we're not traveling in from out of town, your consulting investment will go to talented people spending time with you and your team rather than hotels, flights, and expense accounts.

Change doesn't happen overnight. It's a process that takes time and patience. And because we're local we're not forced to rush. This gives the changes we work on time to take root.

Our Services

Unless everyone is aware of and working towards the same vision, even small decisions can become major headaches.

Business Evaluation

Strategic Planning

set direction

If the phone isn’t ringing you had better find out why quick, before you are running in the red.

Business Acceleration Planning

Sales Planning

get work

Is suboptimal workflow hindering your business? We offer versatile consulting to tackle a wide variety of issues, from marketing to culture.


Employee Fit and Alignment

Layer 1

Everything worth doing is worth measuring, especially when it comes to our livelihood. By taking baseline measurements before and after consultation, we can share a clear picture of how your business is improving.

Financial Analysis

Incentive Compensation


We give you a framework and hold you accountable to help ensure your business’s growth.

Continuous Improvement

Continued Support


What our clients have to say

“Crosslinear helped me to reinvigorate my practice, particularly with strategic planning. Now, with a better understanding of my core values, vision, and mission statement I am better able to make decisions. I am so pleased with the steps my practice has made in terms of productivity and profitability. I have invited Crosslinear to regularly return to my office to help ensure I continue with this progress. “

Ramona C., Attorney

“Crosslinear worked with our team on almost every aspect of our business: from helping us establish our Vision, Mission Statement, and Core Values, to writing Standard Operating Procedures for every position. Additionally, they drastically improved our training manuals for new hires, along with developing an awesome on-boarding process. We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Crosslinear. They helped give our business credibility within our team as well as in our community.”

Jen H., Healthcare CEO

“The Crosslinear team is absolutely fantastic. They made a huge difference at my company. I would have them on salary if I could! There is not a single business that couldn’t be helped by Crosslinear’s skills. EVERY conversation I have ever had with them has left me helped.“

Brandon W., Designer/Developer

“It’s almost impossible to get someone else to care about my business as much as I do.  I felt like every member of the Crosslinear team was just as passionate and invested in my business as I am.  I am very happy with my experience with the 5-5-50 Fix. The Crosslinear team was decisive in its decision-making and recommendations. The speed of execution was positive as everything was delivered when it was supposed to be. The SOPs were the reason I elected to do the 5-5-50 Fix, and I like the way they turned out. From a franchise perspective, it is hugely valuable to have a playbook. Additionally, the marketing plan Crosslinear created was effective and determining core values and a mission statement for the Agency was helpful. I would definitely recommend Crosslinear to any business seeking to improve.”

Kristy B., Entrepreneur

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