Client Testimonials


Kristy B.


It's almost impossible to get someone else to care about my business as much as I do. I felt like every member of the Crosslinear team was just as passionate and invested in my business as I am. I am very happy with my experience. The Crosslinear team was decisive in its decision making and recommendations. The speed of execution was positive and everything was delivered when it was supposed to be. I would definitely recommend Crosslinear to any business seeking to improve.

Jonathan D.


Bill Dorman and his team helped us develop standard operating procedures for my business. This has caused us to become more efficient and has also helped get my employees on the same page. Kruti and Chris were great to work with. I am so thankful I made the decision to hire them and I know that the investment I made will continue to pay big returns!

Ramona C.


Crosslinear helped me to reinvigorate my practice, particularly with strategic planning. Now, with a better understanding of my core values, vision, and mission statement I am better able to make decisions. I am so pleased with the steps my practice has made in terms of productivity and profitability. I have invited Crosslinear to regularly return to my office to help ensure I continue with this progress.

Damion W.


Bill Dorman from Crosslinear is a true advocate for helping people launch and grow businesses. I spent an hour with him discussing my business plan and he offered so much insight about direction, resources, even suggestions to improve my product so it will appeal to multiple market segments. He is a genuine person with brilliant ideas and a knack for seeing what others don't. What more could you want from a business consultant?

Brandon W.


The Crosslinear team is absolutely fantastic. They made a huge difference at my company. I would have them on salary if I could! There is not a single business that can not be helped by Crosslinear's skills. EVERY conversation that I have ever had with them has left me helped.